A core part of our business is design coordination and management services. This is becoming an increasingly popular manner in which a company can effectively address their material handling needs whether it is managing one design or overseeing the development and implementation of the packaging for an entire vehicle launch.

This service can include developing design, implementation and delivery schedules for all packaging items (time management), establishing budgets and providing financial reporting (cost management), establishing an interface with purchasing (procurement management), determining and reporting risks and opportunities (risk management).

Pier Group Packaging utilizes software that enables the data to be entered and manipulated that allows programs reporting to be communicated in a clear and concise manner. This software is adjusted to function in the framework of any company’s requirements.

We have managed various degrees of packaging development and implementation for Mitsubishi, Budd Company (ThyssenKrupp), DaimlerChrysler.

In addition to management services Pier Group Packaging provides packaging education seminars which focus on packaging basics with an automotive emphasis.

These services are available in various formats and can be discussed in detail at your convenience.